Turning Passion into Performance – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 8

Where do you want to be in 4 years? A lot of athletes now want to be at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Make sure this simple mistake that holds back so many athletes from their Olympic aspirations doesn't stop you from realizing your dreams.

The Habits Behind the Highlights – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 7

We all love to watch the Olympic highlight reels, showcasing the peak of human physical performance. But only focusing on the highlights can cause us to lose sight of the less glamorous, mundane, daily training it takes for the athletes to achieve those highlights and the daily habits we advisors need to develop to enjoy our own career highlights.

Why Rest – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 6

There's no doubt Olympic champions have rigorous schedules and work hard. But they also highly value rest. What priority does rest have in your schedule? Watch today's video to learn why rest is vital to your peak performance.

Be Calm & Confident Under Pressure – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 5

Follow the example of Olympic champions to be great at what you do every day. Like we saw Usain Bolt do, remain calm, collected and confident, even when the pressure's on. Watch today's video to find out how champions prepare so they can relax and shine in their biggest moments.

Responding to Adversity – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 4

Things don't always go your way. Disappointments may come out of the blue, but they happen. What matters is how you respond. Watch today's video to find out how the world's best athletes respond, so you can take a page from their book...

The Secret to Being Faster, Higher, Stronger – Better! – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 3

Citius. Altius. Fortius. The Olympic motto says what the Games are all about. But how do the athletes keep getting faster, higher, and stronger? World records keep getting broken. What secret do the athletes have and how can you use it to become a better advisor? Watch today's video post to find out...

Perspective in the Face of Disappointment – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 2

I'm bringing you a series of videos during the Rio Olympics to give you insights into what the athletes are going through and, importantly, to relate that to your business to help you be a better advisor. Today's video post is about useful ways to respond to disappointing circumstances.

Handle Distractions Like An Olympian – 2016 Olympic Video Series, Episode 1

For this month's Olympics in Rio, we're switching things up. Instead of the regular monthly article, we're creating a series of short videos to be posted here on the blog twice a week, to bring you behind-the-scenes insights into what's going on with the athletes in Rio and highlighting powerful lessons from the Olympic stories we'll hear in the coming weeks to help you be a better advisor and enjoy greater business success sooner.

The Most Important Question for Your Business

It’s Olympic trials season. Dreams of going to the Olympics are coming true or being crushed, with the difference often being mere hundredths of a second. What makes the split-second differences – is it a particular training exercise, diet, or rest? What separates those who will go on to make history from the other competitors? What’s the one thing that matters most? There is no one particular item or activity that separates the top two finishers from the rest. However, they do all have a specific thought process that is crucial for their success. Every action, activity, and response is weighed against a very simple question...

Control What You Can

International political turmoil, out of control costs, no Olympic Village accommodation, and stark competition facilities: all challenges facing the Olympic athletes heading to Rio this August, right? Actually, these were just some of the conditions the athletes confronted at the first modern Olympic Games held in Athens, Greece, in April 1896. Yet, those first Olympians persevered in the face of adverse circumstances and started a legacy...