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The Distraction-Proof Advisor

Most financial advisors feel they don’t have control of their business. They’re frustrated and exhausted by overwhelming demands. They once had a crystal-clear vision for the type of business they wanted to grow, but time and distractions have blurred that picture.

In The Distraction-Proof Advisor, Paul Kingsman equips advisors to gain control of their businesses, work smarter each day, and enjoy the success they want sooner.

Each chapter identifies common costly distractions that challenge advisors and, more important, provides practical activities and approaches advisors can apply to stay focused on getting the clients they want, the money they need, and more time to do what they love. Rather than simply presenting a picture of an ideal financial advisory business, this book delivers repeatable, scalable processes and systems to specifically move advisors toward their own business goals.

Read this book and learn to:

+  Stop reacting and focus on what matters most.
+  Create crucial habits to get your priorities done.
+  Identify key activities to find and engage new prospects.
+  Develop compelling conversation skills that actually work.
+  Build conviction for your process and how you help your clients.

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What Industry Leaders Are Saying


“You don’t have to be in business very long to habitually be distracted from accomplishing things that you know will make your business a success. Paul helps you focus on your goals, your future. Isn’t it time to work on what you want? Take the first step and buy this book.”

Deena Katz, CFP®, Associate Professor, Texas Tech University, Department of Personal Financial Planning


“Financial advising is a highly competitive field full of distractions. Who better to guide and motivate than Paul Kingsman, an Olympic medalist, a financial advisor, and an advisor to advisors. You’ll learn the habits that separate participants from achievers.”

Mitch Anthony, Author, StorySelling for Financial Advisors


“The simple truth is that the most important asset anyone manages in this business is not money—it’s time. As Paul so clearly instructs, it is simple but it’s not easy.”

Scott West, Head of Invesco Consulting

About The Author

Paul Kingsman, Author of The Distraction-Proof AdvisorPaul Kingsman has equipped advisors in the financial services industry—from some of the most recognized companies to small independent firms—to be distraction-proof. As an Olympic medalist and an advisor, he knows how to succeed in highly competitive environments and thoroughly understands advisors’ day-to-day business challenges. Through his writing, speaking, and business coaching Paul provides his readers, audiences, and clients with practical solutions that work in the real world.
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