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Paul Kingsman combines his financial services industry knowledge, his practical experience as a financial advisor (he still works with advisory clients!), and his background as an Olympic medalist, to help fellow advisors overcome distractions, complete what matters most, and succeed sooner.

Whether he was making a name for himself as a teenager in international competitive swimming, or working for some of the world’s best known companies such as Speedo and Morgan Stanley, pursuing and achieving personal excellence has been the hallmark of Paul’s life. And he is passionate about helping others do the same. Creating a life of significance doesn’t happen by accident, nor does building an exceptional financial advisory business; Paul has helped advisors do both.

Advisors quickly connect as they see Paul’s one of them and really knows what they do.

As a speaker, author, and executive coach, Paul provides his audiences, readers, and clients with practical solutions to their everyday business challenges. He knows and teaches what works in the real world so advisors can take the actions needed to achieve and enjoy success instead of just talking about “getting there one day.”

Paul regularly receives rave reviews for his engaging, entertaining presentation style. Advisors quickly connect with his applicable messages as they see he’s one of them, with intimate understanding of the details of this industry and the first-hand experience enabling him to speak their language.

Whether speaking with large groups of advisors at national or regional meetings, working with small groups in workshop settings, or providing personalized one-on-one coaching, Paul helps financial services professionals make long-term objectives relatable to their daily activities so they can focus on and achieve what matters most.

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Practical Business Solutions
That Work in the Real World


In The Distraction-Proof Advisor, Paul Kingsman equips financial services professionals to gain control of their businesses, work smarter each day, and enjoy the success they want sooner.

Paul Kingsman Olympic Dais 1988

Paul Kingsman on the Olympic medal dais in 1988 after winning the bronze medal in the men’s 200-meter backstroke.

More About Paul

Paul Kingsman is a sought-after expert on how to be distraction-proof. He teaches financial services professionals how to maintain focus to successfully grow their businesses and achieve outstanding long-term results.

He knows the importance of keeping focused in life’s split seconds first hand: he trained for 13 years to swim a two-minute backstroke race at the Olympics, and won a medal by only four one-hundredths of a second.

As an Olympic medalist, Paul knows the principles and processes needed to succeed in a highly competitive environment. As a financial advisor, he understands the daily business realities of this industry. His experience enables him to equip audiences and coaching clients with practical solutions to overcome distractions, pursue their priorities, and increase their AUM.

After retiring from competitive swimming, Paul applied the same success habits he had developed in the sport to business, going on to achieve big results with companies such as Speedo and Morgan Stanley, both in his native country of New Zealand and in the US. He has worked on the retail side of the financial services business with a wire house, bank, and RIA, as well as on the wholesale side with an asset management firm, giving him a broad understanding of the challenges advisors face.

With clients such as Wells Fargo, New York Life, AIG SunAmerica, BlackRock, Bank of America, and UBS Financial Services, Paul has helped advisors at some of the world’s most prominent financial companies to gain control, work smarter, and succeed sooner.