From Passion to Peak Performance

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From Passion to Peak Performance

4 Steps to Be a Distraction-Proof Advisor

A lurching market, email overload, or even self-doubt about finding ideal clients—these are just a few of the many distractions that can rob you of your valuable time, energy, and emotion. Distractions are costly and make it challenging to focus on what matters most—growing relationships that grow assets.

Paul is a financial advisor himself, and so he “gets it.” In this presentation based on key points from his book The Distraction-Proof Advisor and drawing from his Olympic medal-winning experiences, Paul equips advisors with mindsets, actions, and words that work.

Advisors come away with practical and actionable ideas to identify key priorities and determine next steps, so they can get on track to actually having the businesses they once dreamed about.

Advisors Learn…

  • How to build repeatable systems for servicing clients and finding new ones.
  • Words that actually work in the real world when asking for referrals.
  • Techniques to overcome everyday distractions.
  • How to focus on the small details that make a big difference over the long haul.
  • Why they’ll succeed sooner if they commit to an effective daily routine.

Since our time with you, the leaders of my organization have a greater focus on our company objectives. They lead with greater passion, they value the difference every second of every day makes—and they drive for results!”

— Edward Hawthorne, Senior Vice President
National Contact Center
Bank of America