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Paul Kingsman's practical business coaching equips financial services professionals to focus on what matters most to build the business they want.

Get Help To Build The Thriving Financial Services Business You've Dreamed Of

Frustrated by distractions stealing your time and energy?

Tired of a never-done To Do list?

If you’re a financial advisor who once had a vision of the great business you wanted, but now feel swamped, know there is hope. You can gain control of your business, attract the clients you want, and build the business you dream of.

Paul Kingsman works with advisors who are serious about growing their businesses and becoming more profitable. He helps them identify crucial activities and implement critical processes to

  • Find new business faster
  • Develop better referrals
  • Build a repeatable process and a scalable business model
  • Increase their number of clients without increasing their headaches
Paul Kingsman’s one-on-one coaching program is now open again, and he is accepting new clients.


To discuss how Paul can help you gain control of your business, work smarter, and succeed sooner, email him now at to arrange a time to talk.

How Paul Kingsman's Financial Services Coaching Works

Where Are You Now? At our initial phone meeting we review your current business structure and take a high-level overview of your processes.

What Do You Want? Next, we’ll discuss exactly what it is you want to achieve with your business and the obstacles in your way.

How Will You Get There? Together we’ll determine the key, core priorities you need to accomplish to get where you want to be and determine an effective process and timeline to get you there.

Why Paul Kingsman's Financial Services Coaching Works

As an advisor himself, Paul knows what you’re going through. He guides his clients in building a more profitable process that leads to action, assets, and advocates. He assists you in developing a clear, step-by-step system to identify where you want to go, a specific plan how to get there, and effective activities that will enable you to succeed sooner.

One-on-one focus on the results you desire and the challenges you face, tailored to your learning style

Support from an experienced financial services industry insider who understands your day-to-day business realities and knows the keys to staying motivated in the midst of your routine

Ongoing accountability and encouragement, resulting in action and achievement in business, interpersonal, and leadership competencies

What Coaching Clients Are Saying

“Through our coaching relationship, Paul has become an important business partner who provides fresh and objective perspectives, challenges assumptions, and draws out better strategic thinking from me.”

Rick Buller, Owner, Financial Advisor, Rick Buller Financial Services, LLC

“Your emphasis on working smarter, not necessarily harder, has both resonated with me and challenged me. You have helped me become more conscious of how I use my time, talent, energy, and emotion.”

Shannon Kuykendall Bennett, CFP®, Senior Vice President, The Gray Bennett Group, Raymond James

“With daily distractions increasing, working with you has kept me on track and is resulting in definite success. Not only am I more focused on what I want to achieve in my financial services practice, but I have also been able to realize opportunities I did not even see before.”

Nelson Cooney, VP Private Client Manager, US Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management

More About Your Coach

Paul Kingsman blog authorPaul Kingsman is the Distraction-Proof Coach. In addition to being a certified executive coach, he is also a professional speaker, a financial advisor, an author, and an Olympic swimming medalist. He has built his career on teaching financial industry professionals how to overcome distractions so they can successfully grow their businesses by focusing on practical, daily steps to achieve outstanding long-term results. He uses his real-life business experience gained with some of the world’s best known companies, including managing Speedo New Zealand and advising for Morgan Stanley and Wells Fargo, to help people successfully meet today’s financial industry business challenges and demands. He draws upon the same mindset and formula which won him an Olympic medal to assist his clients to achieve excellence in all they do.

Email Paul now to set a time to talk and learn more about how Paul can customize a solution to help you grow your business.