Change Mediocre Monologues to Compelling Conversations

Change Mediocre Monologues to Compelling Conversations

Convincing Clients, Adding Assets, Raising Revenue

Paul Kingsman financial services speaker Powerful presentations evoke emotions, influence decisions, and lead to positive responses. Outstanding advisors guide conversations–and prospects–confidently. They don’t wing it, sound canned, or squander valuable meeting opportunities. Instead of giving random responses, successful advisors draw upon insightful, helpful, repeatable mental scripts.

Advisors Learn…

  • How to present powerfully every time to effectively position themselves with prospects and clients.
  • Practical ways to immediately and deeply connect.
  • Steps to quickly build trust with prospects and clients.
  • How to find more ideal clients sooner.

“Paul was awesome! He delivered his presentation at the end of a very long day with few breaks, and I was concerned that the room had checked out before he even began. I looked around the room several times during his presentation, and all eyes were riveted on him! His message was excellent, and his delivery was on the mark, with the perfect level of energy. After the meeting, several members of senior management told me that he was the ideal way to finish the meeting.”

— Allen W Holt, Divisional Vice President
AIG Life & Retirement