Preparing for Excellence – 2008 Olympic Series

This series was written in the lead up to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. Time has passed, but they still provide useful tips to keep you motivated and prepare you to perform spectacularly in your own “event.”

Just click on any of the links below to read that month’s issue.

August 2007 – Have Something to Cheer About

September 2007 – Productive Focus

October 2007 – Get Your Priorities Straight

November 2007 – The Heart Break of Distraction

December 2007 – Destroy the Drag

January 2008 – Beating Others vs Winning

February 2008 – Poise Under Pressure

March 2008 – Forged Under Pressure

April 2008 – Pick a Path

May 2008 – The Kind of Conviction You Need

June 2008 – Time for a Check-Up

August 2008 – The Right to Expect Excellence

August 2008 – EXTRA! Special Olympic Issue #1 – Your Finishing Touch

August 2008 – EXTRA! Special Olympic Issue #2 – You CAN Win Them All!

September 2008 – After It’s Over

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