Stay on Clients’ Minds (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #34)

Stay on your clients’ minds (for all the right reasons), even though they may not see you for months.

Just Say No (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #32)

Saying no is vital to growing your business.

We Need to Talk (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #31)

Being a great communicator is one of your key jobs as an advisor. Do you know what to say?

Master This To Keep Clients For Life (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #24)

This key approach makes you invaluable to your clients so they want to stay with you for the long-term.

How Are You Answering Clients’ Biggest Question? (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #23)

No matter what they verbalize, new clients’ biggest question is always, “Can I trust you?” Take these three simple steps to quickly build that vital trust.

What to Ask for Thanksgiving (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #12)

When you’re with those you care about most this holiday, show your gratitude by asking this.

Crush the Credibility Issue (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #11)

How do you gain prospects' confidence when you don't have a long-term track record to point to?

Choose Your Words Purposefully (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #10)

When you meet with prospects and clients, your words matter. Don't leave what you're going to say to chance or figure whatever comes out will be close enough to what you meant to say.

Quickly Connect At Your First Meeting (Distraction-Proof Advisor Idea Video #9)

A first meeting with a prospect is a lot like a first date. You want to impress, but not necessarily commit yet. What should you say?